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  • EF Core taking full control of the database schema The

    Nov 23 2017  EF Core uses the main SQL commands like ALTER to change a database s schema EF Core is richer in what SQL parts it can do than EF6 x with commands to set column defaults or computed columns but there are still things it won t do like place a CONSTRAINT on a value column

  • SOLVED => Change the connection string dynamically per

    Change the connection string dynamically per request on Entity Framework 7 MVC 6 asp core asp core mvc azure sql database entity framework core Question I have a MVC 6 application on which I need to connect to a different database i e physical file but same schema depending on who is accessing to it

  • How do I change the connection string of a dbcontext

    Jun 10 2016  Not needing the capability of connecting to multiple databases simultaneously just the ability to change which database to use at application startup This WCF use Entity Framework and I need to instantiate the context using the connection string that was sent to WCF What are the best way to implement this type of scenario Thank you

  • EF Core Migrations without Hard coding a Connection String

    Feb 17 2017  12/19/2017 This has changed in EF Core 2 0 Here s the updated details In my last post I showed you how to set up an ASP Core and Entity Framework Core solution so that you can use EF Core Migrations for database updates That code sample used a hard coded database connection string in the OnConfiguring method of my DbContext

  • Entity Framework Core

    Jun 04 2018  There are 2 ways to change the schema either by applying the TableAttribute or by implementing the interface IEntityTypeConfiguration The first option won t help us because the schema is hard coded The second option gives us the ability to provide the schema from DbContext to the EF model configuration

  • how to change the connection string in the EntityFramework

    Dec 06 2011  Hi all i make an entity framework for a database sql and another one for Oracle using third party but to the same db schema and all my changing in the SSDL schema and adding a new connection string in Webnfig and the entity sign cs shared for both database 100 success when i change the connection string by hand in the code all what i need to

  • How to get the EF Core Connection String

    Apr 21 2020  This post was most recently updated on February 26th 2021 This article describes how to access and extract the connection strings from your Entity Framework Core database context objects This is quite convenient if you need to display or log the connection string used for your current DbContext for some reason or if you somehow form your

  • Using EntityFramework Core for configuration and

    The above code is hard coding a connection string which you should feel free to change if you wish Also the calls to AddConfigurationStore and AddOperationalStore are registering the EF backed store implementations The builder callback function passed to these APIs is the EF mechanism to allow you to configure the DbContextOptionsBuilder for the DbContext for each

  • Handling database password change at runtime with Entity

    Oct 10 2021  Database password change at runtime with EF In development environment we often provide connection string from Configuration which also has credentials and testing in this scenario is pretty

  • 7 2 3 Configuring Character Sets and Collations in EF Core

    Connector/NET for Entity Framework Entity Framework Core Support Configuring Character Sets and Collations in EF Core 7 2 3 Configuring Character Sets and Collations in EF Core This section describes how to change the character set collation or both at the entity and entity property level in an Entity Framework EF Core model

  • Core Set Connection String with SQL Server

    Jan 02 2021  Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example how to set Connection String with SQL Server Authentication in AppSettings json in Core and ASP Core MVC In a Connection String with SQL Server Authentication the User Id and Password of the SQL Server Database is specified TAGs ASP SQL Server MVC Core

  • Store and read connection string in appsettings json

    Method 1 Using the standard location To define the connection strings in appsettings json it is important to specify it in the right section of the JSON structure Now we can read it in our code by calling the GetConnectionString method in the Microsoft Extensions nfiguration namespace

  • Entity Framework Change connection string at runtime

    EF Core 5 Articles Knowledge Base Online Examples Entity Framework Change connection string at runtime asp mvc c# dependency injection entity framework structuremap Question Assuming there is an ASP MVC application that uses Entity Framework 6 with code first approach and StructureMap as IoC

  • Dynamic Connection String In Core

    Jun 05 2018  To read connection string/keys from appsettigs json file follow the below steps Put your connection string in appsettings json file In ASP Core configuration API provides a way of configuring an app based on a list of name value pairs that can be read at runtime from multiple sources

  • How do I change connection string for Update Database ef

    asp core 2 0 dotnet cli ef migrations entity framework 6 Question I am trying to run Update Database and I would like to specify the connection string but

  • Setting the command timeout with the latest SqlClient

    Oct 26 2020  Now you can work around timeout issues simply by changing the connection string where this previously required changes to code and maybe changes to code you did not have the ability to change This could be an issue when you were using third party tools like Entity Framework Core migrations or EF Core database reverse engineering scaffolding

  • The ultimate guide to connection strings in webnfig

    May 21 2019  Connection strings in webnfig can be both powerful and challenging The times were you would just remote desktop to production and change settings inside your ASP webnfig file is long gone So should you keep specifying connection strings using the connectionStrings element in webnfig Stay tuned to learn everything there is to learn

  • ASP Core MVC Entity Framework

    Jan 05 2018  #ASP #Core #MVC #DBContext #Connection #String #SQL #Server Part 5Data Access Layer

  • Using Azure CosmosDB With Core

    May 02 2020  Part 2 Azure CosmosDB with Core EF Core When I first found out EntityFramework supported Azure CosmosDB I was honestly pretty excited Not because I thought it would be revolutionary but because if there was a way to get new developers using Cosmos by leveraging what they already know Entity Framework then that would actually

  • Change connection string per tenant

    Sep 25 2020  Change connection string per tenantASP EFCore 3 1 #22779 Closed ajcvickers opened this issue Sep 25 2020 2 comments we get a lot traffic on the EF projects and that is not practical To ensure we maximize the time we have to work on fixing bugs implementing new features etc we use canned responses for common triage decisions

  • ASP Core change EF connection string when user logs in

    Change connection string dynamically c# entity framework Build on AWSCloud Native Technologies ConnectionString / init the sqlbuilder with the full EF connectionstring cargo var I have two extension methods to convert the normal connection string to the Entity Framework format Net but easy to convert to C#

  • ASP Core

    The Connection string is used to connect to the database In this tutorial we will use SQL Server Visual Studio C# We will show how we use Connection String in an ASP Core Web Application 2

  • Stop adding connection string into code when scaffolding

    Nov 30 2017  When I run the command dotnet ef dbcontext scaffold Microsoft EntityFrameworkCore SqlServer o Data c ApiDbContext f It generates a ApiDbContext cs file with the following protected override void OnConfiguri

  • How change connection string runtime in ef core

    Feb 01 2017  Re How change connection string runtime in ef core Post by Shalex Fri 08 Sep 2017 13 13 The issue is fixed in the new 8 9 980 build of dotConnect for MySQL

  • Extending the Command Timeout in Entity Framework Core

    Mar 26 2018  Prior to version 2 0 of EF Core your options were limited to changing the command timeout for the DbContext running the migration and then resetting the timeout value or not public SampleContext Database SetCommandTimeout int TimeSpan omMinutes 5 TotalSeconds The

  • Entity Framework Core/Windows Forms tips and tricks

    Introduction Entity Framework Core provides data access for Windows web and mobile projects working as an object relational mapper O/RM which supports many database engines including SQL Server Microsoft Access Oracle MySQL to name the top supported database engines Entity Framework Core was born from a mature Entity Framework 6 with a multitude of new

  • Audit with Entity Framework Core

    Jan 04 2021  Database Connection Resiliency In Entity Framework Core Often during my implementation there is a common request track all changes in the database and where and who is changing a record A way to implement an audit is to override the SubmitChanges function in your data context

  • Using LINQPad with Entity Framework EF Core

    Remember that if your connection string comes from an appsettings json or appnfig file you must specify a path to it in the box provided You can see what connection string EF Core is using by running the following query this Database GetDbConnection nnectionString Or with Entity Framework 6 this Database nnection nnectionString

  • SOLVED => Cleanest way to change

    This is the connection string that belongs to a database first edmx model It contains a path to the metadata files that are generated as resources into the assembly Instead the connection string will be a simple ADO connection string With code first EF will generate the meta data at runtime

  • Changing Databases at Run time using Entity Framework

    Jul 18 2014  Download example2 9 MB Introduction When using Entity Framework the database connection string is stored in the appnfig file by default and the entity object references that to connect to the database If for any reason a user needs to change the database he can do so simply by editing that file prior to running the program

  • Solved Connection string for Entity framework with

    Sep 17 2012  CodeProject 20 Bay Street 11th Floor Toronto Ontario Canada M5J 2N8 1 416 849 8900

  • Announcing Entity Framework Core 6 0 Preview 1

    Feb 17 2021  Announcing Entity Framework Core 6 0 Preview 1 Jeremy February 17th 2021 Today the Entity Framework Core team announces the first preview release of EF Core 6 0 This release includes new attributes built in functions and database specific improvements to SQLite and SQL Server capabilities

  • How to change connection string on

    In ASP Core and EF Core Code First I have a multi tenant webapp When I create a new tenant I want to change connection string add migration on it and then update

  • Default Schema from ConnectionString or Configuration

    Jul 15 2016  Make any configuration changes connectionstring schema etc Run the ef migration commands through the cli This is where the model would be instantiated and any migrations and computations for changes will be made Run the application If an upgrade is performed the steps will be repeated

  • Configuring DbContext in Entity framework ASP Core

    Apr 25 2020  Use connection resiliency as it just takes a few lines of code for making your connection resilient For more details Database Connection Resiliency in Entity Framework ASP Core If dealing with multiple DBContext then Connection resiliency needs to be defined per DBContext separately Concurrency of EFCore DBContext

  • How to change Entity Framework connection string

    Nov 29 2013  1 Entity Framework 5 2 Repository Pattern 3 Dependency Injection Autofac I have one main database In that data base I have one table Users Initially My application Will connect with master database If user is valid user then I will get the data base connection string of that particular user from data base