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  • Plastic Pollution Facts and Solutions

    The plastic pollution problem is further complicated by the fact that most plastic isn t recycled Compared to other recyclables like aluminum glass and paper plastic has a very low recovery rate even if you try to recycle it

  • 15 Horrific Facts About Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

    May 22 2019  Just 10 Rivers Carry 90 Percent of the Plastic Polluting the Ocean The 10 rivers that contribute to 90 percent of ocean pollution are the Yangtze Indus Yellow Hai He Ganges Pearl Amur Mekong the Nile and the Niger Trash rivers flowing to the ocean is a depressing thought but there is good news The Yangtze River in China contributes

  • 15 Key Facts Statistics About Plastic Pollution

    Aug 21 2017  15 Key Facts Statistics About Plastic Pollution August 21 2017 A study by the University of California Santa Barbara s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis found between 4 8 and 12 7 million metric tons of plastic material end up

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    #YouTubeShorts#Facts#Plastic Pollution Fact5 trillion single use plastic bags are used worldwide every year The world only recycles 1 of the plastic bags i

  • Plastic Waste Facts

    More Pollution from Plastic These are just some of the things you probably didn t know about the plastic you use everyday Read more about the harmful effects of plastic waste to our environment and to our health at The World Counts Stories We can still do something We just need to have all the facts and do what needs to be done

  • 78 Plastic in The Ocean Pollution Statistics Facts 2020 2021

    Oct 21 2021  Here are 78 more frightening facts and figures about plastic water bottle pollution across the globe Plastic Water Bottle Consumption Plastic bottles are a ubiquitous feature of modern life from our backpacks to our refrigerators

  • Plastic in the Ocean

    Discover the facts and figures on how plastic pollution is harming our magnificent marline life Plastic is an amazing man made material it s cheap to produce and has many uses But half of the plastic we produce is designed to be used just once and then thrown away and even plastic that can be reused or recycled gets chucked out too

  • Plastic Pollution and Marine Life A Look at the Numbers

    Plastic pollution is a real threat to marine life and the problem continues to grow each year For example the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a swirling mass of plastic waste which floats off the coast of California is now larger than the state of Texas And every day marine animals and wildlife ingest and become entangled in ocean plastics

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    Plastic Pollution What s the problem A sea turtle swims through the water and spots a white blob floating near the surface Yum it thinks A jellyfish Chasing after its dinner the turtle swallows the item But the floating blob isn t a jelly it s a plastic bag that could make the sea turtle sick This sea creature isn

  • 5 Facts That You Should Know About Plastic Pollution

    Aug 02 2020  Plastic grocery bags can take 10 20 years to decompose while plastic bottles take up to 400 or more years As you can see plastic is adding up in our garbage and it s not doing us any good With that said let s try to look at some facts about plastic and pollution that you should know about

  • Plastic Straw Ban I Facts Figures

    Approximately 8 8 million tons of plastic pollution flows into the oceans each year an amount expected to double by 2025 Estimates for how long plastic endures range from 450 years to forever The rate of plastics production growth has increased 620 since 1975 Nearly half of the plastic produced is for single use

  • Plastic Water Bottle Pollution Facts

    On the flip side one of the plastic water bottle pollution facts is that the water when boiled releases over 2 5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere That happens yearly So you can now see that the future of the environment in particular and the climate in general is under threat 3 The Plastic Water Bottles Gulp More

  • EarthAction Top 3 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution

    Apr 02 2018  Top 3 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution 8 3 BILLION Metric Tons 9 1 BILLION US Tons of plastic has been produced since plastic was introduced in the 1950s The amount of plastic produced a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity Virtually every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some shape or form with the

  • 10 shocking facts about plastic pollution in the ocean

    Oct 24 2018  The plastic pollution problem is not getting better in fact it s set to get much worse Fossil fuel companies are spending billions of dollars to ramp up their production of plastic The technology to manufacture plastic is improving meaning it can be churned out faster cheaper and more efficiently than ever before

  • How face masks gloves and other coronavirus waste is

    Nov 24 2021  Coronavirus waste has become a new form of pollution as single use personal protective equipment PPE floods our ocean COVID 19 has had a number of unexpected impacts on the environment curtailing recycling and increasing the use of plastic around the world Governments need to act now to ensure a green recovery that incentivizes sustainability

  • How to Explain and Discuss Plastic Pollution Facts for

    There are plastic pollution facts for kids that are more appropriate for older children like the stat that 10 of dead animals that have been discovered during beach clean ups around the world were tangled up in plastic bags Younger children might find these kinds of facts more difficult to cope with Trust your instinct and judgement on what

  • A Guide to Plastic in the Ocean

    Plastic is everywhere In your home your office your school and your ocean Among the top 10 kinds of trash picked up during the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup were food wrappers beverage bottles grocery bags straws and take out containers all made of plastic

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  • Plastic Waste Environmental Effects of Plastic Pollution

    Plastic pollution occurs when enough plastic has gathered in an area that it affects the natural environment and harms plants animals or humans Plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land water and air pollution It can take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to break down so the damage to the

  • The Facts About Plastic Pollution

    Single use plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution clog landfills and require large amounts of energy and water to make and transport INTERESTING FACT Current recycling of plastic bottles generally results in the down cycling of the material into a product that can not easily be recycled again

  • Plastic Pollution in the Ocean 15 Dirty Facts You Should Know

    Plastic pollution was first identified in the ocean by scientists in the late 1960s and early 1970s Since that time plastic pollution in the ocean has grown in scale and become one of the most pressing environmental issues 15 Facts You Need to Know About Plastic Pollution 80 of plastic in the ocean is estimated to come from land based

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    Plastic is everywhere Useful and convenient it s also a massive pollution problem Wildlife becomes ensnared in discarded plastic and microplastics are eaten by ocean creatures Much of the UK s plastic waste is dumped and burned overseas affecting people s health To stop this we must produce less plastic in the first place

  • 12 Facts About Plastic Pollution You Need to Know

    Nov 08 2021  99 of seabirds will be eating plastic by 2050 The average person eats 70 000 microplastics each year The average time that a plastic bag is used is just 12 minutes Over the past 50 years world plastic production has doubled Read the full article about plastic pollution facts by Seneo Mwamba and Khanyi Mlaba at Global Citizen

  • Plastic pollution facts and information

    Jun 07 2019  Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the

  • Startling Facts About Plastic Pollution In The Oceans

    There is no Planet B and these starting facts are an important reminder of how much work we have to do to protect life below water and end the world s plas

  • Spooky Facts about Plastic Pollution

    Oct 11 2018  Spooky Facts about Plastic Pollution Oct 11 2018 Blog Halloween is just around the corner It s time for horror movies haunted houses and pumpkin spiced everything To get in the spirit of Halloween we put together the most bone chilling facts about plastic pollution that are sure to give you a fright

  • The Future of Plastic Pollution

    Jul 03 2020  The Future of Plastic Pollution When they first become widespread in the 1950s plastics were heralded as a miracle material which can be used for almost everything From life saving medical devices to the clothes you re wearing now plastic has become integrated into every aspect of our daily lives It s hard to imagine a world without it

  • Fact Sheet End Plastic Pollution

    Mar 07 2018  Plastic pollution is killing our planet It s choking our oceans poisoning our food and water supply and wreaking havoc on the health and well being of humans and wildlife worldwide Use these ten shocking facts about the scope of plastic pollution to educate inspire and mobilize your friends family coworkers and community to join the

  • 15 Serious Effects of Plastic Bags Causing Environmental

    13 Plastic pollution disrupts the natural food chain Pollution from plastic materials such as plastic bags affect the natural order of feeding This is because its harmful effects don t spare any animal or plant in the food chain ranging from large terrestrial animals to

  • Interesting facts about Plastic pollution how to reduce

    Here in this topic we will discuss about the steps to reduce the use of plastic and also few interesting facts about plastic pollution As the name suggests plastic pollution is the pollution caused by plastics to the environment Even though plastics are of great use it can seriously cause harm to the environment

  • Plastic Straw Pollution Facts

    Sep 18 2018  Plastic straws are everywhere we go Most of us don t give them a second thought We order our drink and when we are done with it we toss the straw into the garbage Unfortunately this seemingly innocent practice is polluting our planet Over 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away in the United States every single day To put this into

  • Amazing Facts About Plastic Pollution Things We Can Do

    Jun 29 2021  50 of plastic pollution originates from Asian countries with China responsible for around 29 of plastic in the ocean but approximately 66 of plastic pollution is simply litter China is starting to tackle the plastic waste they are creating though with bans on disposable tableware straws and plastic cotton buds just the start

  • Key Facts About Plastic Pollution

    Jun 08 2018  What is the current state of the plastic pollution crisis About 8 3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since the 1950s the weight of roughly a billion elephants or 47 million blue whales 1 Only about 9 of this plastic has been recycled 12 has been burned and the remaining 79 has ended up in landfills or the environment 2

  • Ocean Plastic Pollution Facts

    Ocean Plastic Pollution By Richard Arterbury Have you ever thought about how much plastic is in the Ocean and where it all comes from Plastic products have grown through the roof over the years is the all too common saying Today we

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    Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles e g plastic bottles bags and microbeads in the Earth s environment that adversely affects wildlife wildlife habitat and humans Plastics that act as pollutants are categorized by size into micro meso or macro debris Plastics are inexpensive and durable making them very adaptable for different uses as

  • Plastic Waste

    Plastic pollution is known to come from three main sources Our rubbishWhen plastic waste is collected and transported to landfill sites it is at risk of escaping into the environment Even when it moves to landfills plastic risks being blown away and ending up in rivers or oceans